Andrew "Andy" Lingor

Army Badge
  • Name: Andrew "Andy" Lingor
  • Location of Birth: Odessa, Russia
  • Date of Birth: December 5, 1887**
  • Date of Death: September 13, 1987 (99 years old)
  • Parents:
  • High School and Class:
  • College:
  • Highest Rank: PVT (Private)
  • Branch: Army
  • Other Branch:
  • Date Sworn In:
  • Place Sworn In:
  • Date of Discharge:
  • Place of Discharge:
  • Military Awards:

  • Military Highlights:
    Served in the United States Army from January 10, 1918 to January 11, 1919.

  • Wars Involved:
    World War I

  • MIA / POW:

  • Civilian Life:
    **There is a discrepancy in birthdates. Marker indicates that Andy was born on September 6, 1896, so he would have been 91 years old when he died.

    Andy was a longtime resident of the Bigfork, Minnesota area where he was self-employed as a trapper for many years. He became a resident of the Riverside Nursing Home in 1972.

    He is survived by a step-son, Chuck Francisco; step-daughters Florence Walker and Evelyn Mulford; two great-grandchildren; four great-great grandchildren; and one great-great-great granddaughter, all among the Patrow and Pohl families.

    Buried in the Bigfork Cemetery at Bigfork, Minnesota. (Second Addition, Block 146)

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