Bernadine Ann Chopp

Navy Badge
  • Name: Bernadine Ann Chopp
  • Location of Birth: Bovey, Minnesota
  • Date of Birth: August 16, 1923
  • Date of Death: November 29, 2000
  • Parents: William Chopp & Marie (Gerzin) Chopp
  • High School and Class: 1942 Greenway High School, Coleraine, Minnesota
  • College: Itasca Junior College, Coleraine, Minnesota
  • Highest Rank: S1 (Seaman 1st Class)
  • Branch: Navy
  • Other Branch:
  • Date Sworn In: October 19, 1944
  • Place Sworn In: Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Date of Discharge: April 24, 1946
  • Place of Discharge:
  • Military Awards:

  • Military Highlights:
    Newspaper article: Sep 1944 – Miss Bernadine Chopp returned Sunday from Minneapolis where she was sworn in as a Wave. She will report October 5th, presumably at Hunter’s College.

    Newspaper article: Mar 1945 - Got a lovely Easter card from Bernadine Chopp, who is in the Waves stationed at Peru, Ind.

    Newspaper article: Bovey Press, Bovey, Minnesota - August 24, 1945 - "A Great Day - August 14, 1945. Dear Ann: This is the day we've been waiting for, huh, Ann. We sat in the lounge here and when the great news came, we screamed, laughed, cried, and prayed. The boys barracks was a riot, too. Noise, laughter, joy. It was a great cheer. Everyone who had a car blew their horns like mad. At the canteen tonight the cadets, sailors and waves were singing like mad. We had the movie "Anchors Away." It was just packed, but the happy cheering from the canteen could be heard, but who had the heart to stop it. Tomorrow they are going to have so many of the service people march in Loganport, Kokomo and Peru, but, of course, I don't march yet, so I don't know what I'll be doing. The base is rather quiet now. All of the kids who have liberty have gone ashore - although all the bars are closed. They are going up to the lakes or out to dinner. I was supposed to go out tonight, but I had cried for so long, I guess I tired myself out so I'm going to hit the sack early. How long I'll be in now, I don't know. A few months, or maybe many, but we are all dreaming of a "White Christmas" at home, or a very happy day of welcoming in the New Year. All for now - Love, Bernie Chopp."

  • Wars Involved:
    World War II

  • MIA / POW:

  • Civilian Life:
    Bernadine Chopp died in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and is buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Coleraine, MN (Block 30, Row 8).

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