Frank "Pete" E. Bouvette

  • Name: Frank "Pete" E. Bouvette
  • Location of Birth:
  • Date of Birth: 1890
  • Date of Death: November 23, 1923
  • Parents: Louis Bouvette, Sr. and Emma (Lafond) Bouvette
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    News article from November 28, 1923 edition of the Grand Rapids Herald Review:

    "Fatal Accident on Lath Machine"
    Frank E. Bouvette, better known to all his friends as Pete, died last Thursday at St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth, as a result of being injured while working at the lath mill the day previous.
    It was the duty of Mr. Bouvette to operate the chain conveyor that carries the lath bolts to the circular saw, and on Wednesday, while he was working at the conveyor, one of the large lath bolts, four feet long, became pinched in the saw. As the bolt became jammed, the saw brought it back and up, and threw it with terrific force. It struck the unfortunate man on the jaw, causing a compound fracture and injuries to the base of the brain. After striking Mr. Bouvette, the bolt hit W. O. Biles on the right arm, cutting it quite badly.
    Local physicians, after examining Mr. Bouvette, recommended that he be taken to a specialist in Duluth, which was done. He was accompanied to Duluth by his wife and his brother, Louis. An operation was performed, but the injured man did not recover from the effects, and soon passed away.
    Funeral services were conducted on Monday morning, from St. Joseph's Catholic Church. The services were very largely attended, for Mr. Bouvette had a wide circle of friends, who held him in the highest esteem. Interment was made in Calvary cemetery.
    A squad of ex-service men from the American Legion conducted a military service as the deceased was an ex-service man.
    Surviving Mr. Bouvette are his wife, brother, Louis, Jr., his parents and four brothers and four sisters. Out-of-town relatives in attendance at the funeral included the parents of the deceased, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bouvette, Sr.; Mrs. Bouvette's mother, Mrs. Isaacson; sister, Mrs. Peterson; and brother, Peter Isaacson."

    Buried in Itasca Calvary Cemetery at Grand Rapids, Minnesota. (Plot C-B-11-0-8)

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