Gordon Arthur Cyrus

Navy Badge
  • Name: Gordon Arthur Cyrus
  • Location of Birth: Grand Rapids, Minnesota
  • Date of Birth: March 13, 1924
  • Date of Death: June 5, 2015
  • Parents: John Cyrus & Alma (Ellefson) Cyrus
  • High School and Class: 1942 Greenway High School, Coleraine, Minnesota
  • College:
  • Highest Rank: AOM 3 (Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Petty Officer)
  • Branch: Navy
  • Other Branch:
  • Date Sworn In:
  • Place Sworn In:
  • Date of Discharge: March 7, 1946
  • Place of Discharge:
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  • Military Highlights:
    WW II Draft Registration Cards – 10/16/1940 – 03/31/1947
    State: Minnesota
    Name: Gordon Arthur Cyrus
    Race: White
    Age: 18
    Birth Date: March 13, 1924
    Birth Place: Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA
    Residence Place: Bovey, Itasca, Minnesota, USA
    Registration Date: June 30, 1942
    Employer: Danube Mine - Pickands Mather, Bovey, Minnesota
    Weight: 142
    Height: 5-10
    Complexion: Ruddy
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Next of Kin: John Cyrus, Rt. 1, Bovey, Minnesota

    Newspaper article: Bovey Press, Bovey, Minnesota - June 18, 1943 - "Baker, Oregon, May 25, 1943. Bovey Service Men's Club. Dear Friends: Here I am late as usual in answering your letter. But we are really busy now. We start at 7:00 in the morning and stop at 8:30 in the evening. We will really have to do a lot of flying in the next two weeks. I have been flying for about seven days now. I made my first solo trip last Sunday and I now have 11 1/2 hours of flying to my credit. The weather is really hot out here now. Boy, I would give anything for a nice cool evening like we have in good old Minnesota. I want to thank you very much for your letter. It really means a lot to a fellow away from home to hear from his friends back home. Must close now as class is about to begin. Keep up the good work Bovey. As ever, A-C Gordon A. Cyrus."

    Newspaper article: Bovey Press, Bovey, Minnesota - September 3, 1943 - "Saint Mary's College, Calif., August 23, 1943. Bovey Service Men's Club. Dear Friends: Thanks a lot for the swell letter. It is really good to hear about the old home town. I see by the address on the envelope that you do not know of my change of address. I have been at St. Mary's Pre-Flight for the last nine weeks. I will graduate from here on Sept. 4. I then will be sent to a new base or my flight training. I sure would like to be there for some good old fishing trips But it looks as if I'm not going to make it this year. There isn't so very much we can write about so will close for this time. I want to thank you for your letters and for the Bovey Press. It is really swell to be able to read about everything that is happening in the old town. I know that every fellow in the service from Bovey feels the same way as I do. Keep up the good work. I remain, A-C G. A. Cyrus."

    Newspaper article: Bovey Press, Bovey, Minnesota - March 31, 1944 - "March 2, 1944. Dear Friends: It has been a long time since the last time I wrote. I also have covered a few states since then. I want to thank you very much for your letters, also for the Reader's Digest. It is really swell to know that the people back home think of you. I also want to thank Mrs. J. C. Martin for her swell letter. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to see any of the fellows when I was at San Diego. I am now stationed at Norman, Oklahoma. The station is really nice and the people are swell to service men. Must muster for school, so will close by saying thanks a lot for everything, and keep up the good work. The boys over there sure appreciate everything you are doing. Sincerely, G. A. Cyrus."

  • Wars Involved:
    World War II

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  • Civilian Life:
    Gordon Cyrus married Marian Perry in 1945 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He worked for Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company until retirement.

    Gordon died in Rochester, Minnesota and is buried in Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis, South Dakota (plot J-1278).  He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife Marian, who he had been married to for 67 years; three brothers, Vernon, Harold and Irvin; sister, Elaine Johnson; and three sons, Gene, Jeffrey, and Kim Cyrus.

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