Howard Herbert Carlson

Army Badge
  • Name: Howard Herbert Carlson
  • Location of Birth: Bovey, Minnesota
  • Date of Birth: January 6, 1921
  • Date of Death: May 8, 1991
  • Parents: Arthur E. Carlson & Esther (Heikkinen) Carlson
  • High School and Class: 1940 Greenway High School, Coleraine, Minnesota
  • College: University of Washington, Seattle, from 1946-1949
    Dunwoody Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1949-1951
  • Highest Rank:
  • Branch: Army
  • Other Branch:
  • Date Sworn In: January 11, 1943
  • Place Sworn In: Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Date of Discharge: March 22, 1946
  • Place of Discharge:
  • Units and Locations:
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  • Military Highlights:
    WW II Draft Registration Cards – 10/16/1940 – 03/31/1947
    State: Minnesota
    Name: Howard Herbert Carlson
    Race: White
    Age: 21
    Birth Date: January 6, 1921
    Birth Place: Bovey, Minnesota, USA
    Residence Place: Bovey, Itasca, Minnesota, USA
    Registration Date: February 16, 1942
    Employer: Oliver Iron Mining Co., Coleraine, Itasca, Minnesota, USA
    Weight: 160
    Height: 5-11
    Complexion: Light
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Brown
    Next of Kin: Arthur Carlson, Bovey, Minnesota

    Newspaper article: Bovey Press, Bovey, Minnesota - March 26, 1943 - "Mr. Barnes and Members of the Bovey Service Men's Club: I guess you've received letters from nearly all the Bovey boys in the service, so I guess I had better get into line and follow suit. I want to thank the members of the Club for the very welcome letters, and I have received a few copies of the Press, but that was some time ago. If it isn't too much trouble, I would like to receive the paper. I'm in the 3rd Weather Squadron now, and I'm here at Marshall Field as a weather observer trainee. I like my work. I sure like Kansas a lot more than the northern part of Texas. In Texas they have a bush which is similar to our Tag Alders. They call them trees. I don't know what they'd call our Pines. There are quite a few boys from the south who think the Civil War is still going on. One day as I was coming out of the mess hall, a young lad asked me if I wanted to buy a paper. I said I had one, and to my astonishment, he came back with, "Go to ____, you bloody Yankee". Enclosed is a poem written by a very important member of the Weather Bureau. I thought it would amuse you. It's very true, though, isn't it? I hope to see you Labor Day. Sincerely, Howard Carlson."

    Newspaper article: Bovey Press, Bovey, Minnesota - December 1, 1944 - "New Quinea, Nov. 9th. Dear Mr. Barnes: Having been overseas only a couple of months, I can't look forward to getting home for some time, but as the saying goes, distance and time make the heart grow fonder. I guess I'll become quite fond of the "Grand Old Town." I missed Farmers' Day, to my sorrow. Not only did I miss Labor Day in Bovey, but I also was forced to bid adieu to my wife and parents for the duration of this damned war. I have had the good fortune of visiting Australia for a few days. Their beer is wonderful. It makes our beer "stink". But from what little I've seen of Australia, that is about all they have. Their trains are a joke. Not much unlike our rock cars at the washing plants. Here in New Guinea I'm very much impressed by the large scale on which our army operates. It seems like nothing is too large to be undertaken by our forces. These air strips would make most air bases look silly. I hope to receive the Press soon. I want to thank the club for all. Just another GI, Howard Carlson."

  • Wars Involved:
    World War II Served in the 20th Weather Squadron in the South Pacific and Japan

  • MIA / POW:

  • Civilian Life:
    Howard Carlson married Edna Erkkila in Bovey, Minnesota in 1944. After completing his college education, he worked as a machinist, tool and die maker, draftsman and senior machine designer, retiring from FMC (Food Machinery Corporation) in San Jose, California in 1977. He lived in Friday Harbor, Washington for 12 years before moving to Boise, Idaho.

    Howard Carlson died in Boise, Idaho. He is survived by his wife Edna; children, Jayne Carlson, Elena Harrison LaVeta, and Matt Carlson.

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