Jack Allen Wopata

  • Name: Jack Allen Wopata
  • Location of Birth: Table Rock, Nebraska
  • Date of Birth: July 6, 1932
  • Date of Death: December 16, 2009 (77 years old)
  • Parents: Jesse Wopata and Minnie (Tenk) Wopata
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    After Jack's military service in Berlin, Germany, Jack worked as a chemical engineer, a science teacher, and a small business owner.

    He also advocated for peace and social justice, planted trees and grew gardens, sang, and danced. He was an intuitive mentor of young people across two generations.

    Jack was a life-long student whose natural and spiritual curiosity sustained his life. Remembering him are the diverse people whose lives he creatively shared every day; he could engage any person on any subject, and both of them would profit from the exchange.

    Surviving are four children, Marcelle Miles, Julie Renollet, Joshua and Scott; four grandchildren; a sister, Joyce Wopata Newton, niece, nephew, and cousins; former wives, Gayle Chesness and Faith Wopata; and the dear companion of his latter years, Barbara Cameron.

    Jack died in Hospice care at Evergreen Terrace in Grand Rapids and is buried in Itasca Calvary Cemetery at Grand Rapids, Minnesota. (Plot I-G-18-08)

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