LeeRoy Herbert Cartwright

Marine Corp Badge
  • Name: LeeRoy Herbert Cartwright
  • Location of Birth: Deer River, Minnesota
  • Date of Birth: March 22, 1938
  • Date of Death: May 24, 1992 (54 years old)
  • Parents: Leroy Cartwright and Louise (Serfling) Cartwright
  • High School and Class:
  • College:
  • Highest Rank:
  • Branch: Marine Corp
  • Other Branch:
  • Date Sworn In: April 6, 1955 (Enlistment Date)
  • Place Sworn In:
  • Date of Discharge: April 3, 1959 (Discharge Date)
  • Place of Discharge:
  • Military Awards:

  • Military Highlights:
    Served in the United States Marine Corps from 1955-1959 in California.

  • Wars Involved:

  • MIA / POW:

  • Civilian Life:
    LeeRoy was raised in the Deer River/Grand Rapids, Minnesota area.

    He had lived in El Toro, California since serving in the Marine Corps and worked as the superintendent for Las Alisos Water Department for the past 25 years. He was a member of the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Association and the American Water Workers Association.

    LeeRoy is survived by his wife, Grace; five sisters, Shirley Doyle, Bonnie Taylor, Betty Alto, Donna Tahtinen, and Carol Haggard; and one brother, Michael.

    Buried in Itasca Calvary Cemetery at Grand Rapids, Minnesota. (Plot C-C-08-0-8)

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