Lloyd Hugo Dick

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  • Name: Lloyd Hugo Dick
  • Location of Birth: St. Michael, Minnesota
  • Date of Birth: July 5, 1922
  • Date of Death: April 23, 2002 (79 years old)
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  • Branch: Army
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  • Place Sworn In: October 14, 1942 (Enlistment Date)
  • Date of Discharge: February 7, 1946 (Release Date)
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    Lloyd was very active in numerous community, veterans and civic organizations.

    He is survived by five daughters, Betty Fitte, Anita Travica, Barbara Murray, Jackie Blaylock, and Mary Lee Blaylock; three sons, Paul, John and Mark; a brother, Ralph; and eighteen grandchildren.

    Preceding him in death were his wife, Rita in 1996, and a daughter, Peggy, in 1968.

    Lloyd died at St. Mary's Medical Center in Duluth, Minnesota and is buried in Itasca Calvary Cemetery at Grand Rapids, Minnesota. (Plot C-C-34-06)

    News article from Grand Rapids Herald Review dated August 23, 2002:
    "Community loses longtime businessman"
    The life of a man who carries the title "everybody around town knows him" was commemorated during his funeral services Saturday, April 27. Lloyd Dick died Tuesday, April 23 at St. Mary's Medical Center, Duluth.
    Lloyd Dick was the founder of the Dick Distributing Company, Inc. a Grand Rapids business he started in 1967 after taking over the Grain Belt Distributing Company. The distributing company delivered beer to bars in a 50-mile radius of Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids businessman retired in 1993 when his sons took over the distributing business. He and his wife Rita (deceased) were the parents of six daughters and three sons.
    His family and many friends have precious memories of the man who lived life to the fullest in his beloved northland. Some of those memories include:
    *Son Paul recalled, "You know the saying 'behind every successful man is a good woman' and that's what our mom was. Dad retired in 1993 but he was always around. He was the town cruiser and knew the town so well he actually knew the timing on every stoplight. He had them memorized and knew exactly when the lights were going to change."
    *Daughter Betty agreed and said with six girls he was introduced to a lot of future sons-in-law and he took them all on a tour around town. She added, "He taught every one of us to work hard and to play hard."
    *Jerry Petermeier said, "I knew him and Rita as first class citizens of our Grand Rapids community and he's leaving a family of wonderful additions to society. He was always supporting healthy growth in this area. During the construction of our new St. Joseph's Catholic Church he made 'daily inspections.' Everybody was his friend unless they proved that they were not worthy of being a friend. Certainly a friend of mine - sure glad there was not two Lloyd Dicks because it was a full-time job to keep up with one Lloyd Dick. He also ran a school on playing gin rummy cards. They were 'expensive lessons.' I think the best explanation of Lloyd Dick was on a sign on his fish house saying, 'Grandpa's Fish House - Beware this is no ordinary Grandpa'."
    *Sherry Bemis from Cohasset remembers Dick as "the patriarch of the Dick family who are flexible, supportive, funny, inspring, fair and forgiving - the traits of a caring family."
    *Brian Titus said, "Everybody knew him, if not personally they know of him. Lloyd had a unique personality."
    *A man who knew Lloyd Dick both personally and in the business arena, Bill Mager, said, "Lloyd was a most dynamic person with a warming personality and was a very smart business man. Lloyd was one of the finest persons I ever met."
    *Denny Johnson, Grand Rapids State Bank vice president and a good friend of Lloyd Dick, said, "Lloyd and I were competitors in the beer business but he was a fine guy to do business with and we became good friends. He was a super guy, had a big heart and looked out for everybody."
    *Jerry Miner, local businessman, recalled, "Lloyd was a heck of a friend. I guess I've known him for 35 years or more and I never saw him get mad no matter what the situation was. He was one of my father's closest friends."

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