Richard D. Green

  • Name: Richard D. Green
  • Location of Birth: Grand Rapids, Minnesota
  • Date of Birth: October 26, 1934
  • Date of Death:
  • Parents:
  • High School and Class: 1952 - Grand Rapids High School, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
  • College: 1956 - Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota
  • Highest Rank:
  • Branch: Marine Corps
  • Other Branch:
  • Date Sworn In:
  • Place Sworn In:
  • Date of Discharge:
  • Place of Discharge:
  • Units and Locations:
    Start Date End Date Unit(s) and Location(s) Served
    Stationed at El Toro Air Base in California
    Stationed at Marine Corps Air Force Base in Santa Ana, California
  • Military Awards:
    Member of Marine Corp Air Force 363 Squadron 3rd Marine Air Wing
    Served on Escort Carrier USS Thetus Bay in Pacific

  • Military Highlights:
    Joined United States Marine Air Corps - 1956-1958

  • Wars Involved:

  • MIA / POW:

  • Civilian Life:

  • Tribal Affiliation(s):